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Motor fleet insurance

If you work in delivery, public transport, mechanical support or any other vehicle-reliant trade, motor fleet insurance is available to help you keep track of your insurance policies – and keep costs down.

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Fleet insurance definition

Motor fleet insurance (sometimes called ‘fleet motor insurance’) is one insurance policy that covers all trade vehicles owned by a business or organisation. You can also insure multiple drivers for each vehicle so you don’t have to fill out countless confusing forms and keep track of which employee is insured to drive which vehicle.

How does fleet insurance work?

Motor fleet insurance covers multiple trade vehicles under one policy. The type of fleet insurance you take out will depend largely on how the vehicles are used and what type of business you conduct.

For example, a taxi company will need a very different kind of motor fleet insurance policy than a building firm. Taxi companies will generally have lots of just one type of vehicle (cars), whereas a building company will need to insure a huge variety of specialist vehicles such as diggers, cement mixers, cherry pickers, bulldozers and more. These kinds of specialist vehicles can be difficult to get the right cover for and expensive to insure when you do find that cover – so motor fleet insurance can take that weight off your mind.

Conversely, taxi companies will require extra cover in their policy such as public or private hire insurance and public liability insurance, due to the public nature of the business. Other types of insurance clauses that could be included in fleet motor insurance policies include ‘carriage of goods’ policies for delivery companies, or ‘haulage insurance’ for long-distance delivery businesses.

This is why getting the right kind of motor fleet insurance is so important – the cover included needs to be completely unique to your business requirements.

Insurance providers and the police are constantly checking whether businesses have the right kind of vehicle insurance, so don’t put yourself at risk of harsh penalties and make sure that you have the right cover for you.

If you’re uncertain exactly what kind of motor fleet insurance cover your business needs, our team of insurance experts are available to talk you through the options available and help you to get a quote, so get in touch with them today.

Types of motor fleet insurance cover

It is important to remember that all motor vehicles must be insured before being driven on a public road – this is a legal requirement. The level of cover you choose to purchase, however, is entirely up to you as the policy holder.

Much like ordinary car insurance, you can choose from ‘third party only’ insurance policies or fully comprehensive cover for all of your vehicles.

Third party insurance will only cover you for any costs others may incur as a result of a collision with one of your vehicles and would not protect your own vehicles in the event of a collision or theft. You may like to choose a ‘third party fire and theft’ policy, which would cover your vehicles against fire or theft as well as providing cover to a third party involved in an accident, but wouldn’t pay out to cover damage caused to your vehicle in a collision.

Fully comprehensive insurance provides cover for your vehicles and drivers in the event of an accident or collision. This means that the insurance provider will help to cover the costs of repairing or replacing the vehicle involved and may cover injury costs, hospital bills and even loss of earnings for the driver and passengers involved.

There are a number of additional cover services you can choose from including breakdown assistance, windscreen repair, courtesy cover, loss of keys and some policies will provide cover for the possessions or goods carried inside the vehicle as well.

Each motor fleet insurance policy can be built according to your individual needs so what you include and what you don’t can be decided entirely by you and your business needs.

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What is ‘any vehicle’ motor fleet insurance?

Many motor fleet insurance policies will offer you the option to cover ‘any vehicle’. These policies provide blanket cover for all vehicles owned by the business.

This means that you don’t continually have to update your policy information when adding a new vehicle to your fleet. If you don’t choose to include ‘any vehicle’ cover then a new vehicle wouldn’t automatically be included in the cover and if it were to be involved in an accident then it may not be covered. Including the ‘any vehicle’ clause simply means that any vehicle you purchase would automatically be included in the cover.

‘Any vehicle’ policies are usually more expensive than standard policies but can be invaluable to businesses with larger fleets, where it can be difficult to keep up with the comings and goings of so many vehicles.

What is ‘any driver’ motor fleet insurance?

Similar to the ‘any vehicle’ clause, the ‘any driver’ clause insures your business’s vehicles to be driven by any of your registered drivers. This means that you don’t have the tether of having one driver for each vehicle.

It’s important to note that some insurance policies will only cover drivers only 25 so be sure to check the small print for any exclusions or restrictions.

How much is motor fleet insurance cover?

How much you pay for motor vehicle fleet insurance depends on the level of cover you need. Third party policies will be considerably cheaper than fully comprehensive policies because they don’t offer as much cover.

The cost of the premium will also depend on the number of motor vehicles in your fleet and how many drivers you are insuring on the policy.

However, as motor fleet insurance is effectively a way of bulk buying insurance for all of the motor vehicles used by your business, one fleet insurance policy usually works out to be considerably cheaper than insuring each vehicle individually.

It can be difficult to find the exact cover you will need online as motor fleet insurance is a specialist type of cover that varies for each individual. Our insurance experts are available to talk to you about your requirements and create a bespoke quote to meet your needs, so get in touch with them today to find out more.


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