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Residential Building and Contents Cover

Home, building and contents insurance protects this investment by insuring your building or your possessions against theft or damage so that they can be replaced if the worst should happen.

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What’s the difference between building insurance and contents insurance?

Building insurance provides cover for the building structure itself but not what’s inside it. If your house was damaged in a fire, building insurance would pay to fix damage to the house itself but would not cover any possessions lost or damaged inside the home.

Contents insurance provides cover for your possessions inside the home including carpets and furnishings, white goods, furniture and other items you own. These policies would insure your possessions against theft and fire damage and possibly other things such as accidental damage or garden cover, depending on the level of cover you choose. Some policies even cover items taken outside of the home such as mobile phones, laptops, and expensive jewelry, although every policy is different and covers different things so it’s always important to check the small print of your policy.

Do I need home building and contents insurance?

This will depend on whether you are a homeowner or tenant. If you own your home, then you will need both home and contents insurance to cover the building itself as well as what’s inside it. Often, these are included in the blanket term ‘home insurance’ but you should always check the policy details to be sure.

If you are a tenant, private or council, you shouldn’t need building insurance but contents insurance would be a wise investment. A contents insurance policy would protect your possessions against fire, theft and even accidental damage so if the worst should happen to you, you can have peace of mind knowing that your personal items can be replaced at little to no cost.

How much is building and contents insurance?

The monthly premium will vary depending on the level of cover you choose. A basic level of cover for your building and contents can have very low annual premiums but it’s usually a good idea to opt for a slightly higher premium to be sure that you’re getting the cover you need.

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