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Family Income Benefit

Protect your loved ones with family income benefit

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family income benefit policy is a clever way to make sure that you are getting the most out of your life insurance. Family income benefit is usually cheaper than other types of life insurance so it offers an affordable way to safeguard your family if the worst should happen.

How it works

Unlike other policies, you decide how long you want to be covered for with a family income benefit policy. If a claim is made within the pre-determined time frame (known as ‘the term’), the policy pays out a set amount each year after the claim for the remaining duration of the term. This amount is usually the same every year but once the term ends, all payments will stop.

For example, if you chose a 20-year family income benefit policy and died 2 years into the policy’s cover then your family would receive a payment every year for the remaining 18 years. Conversely, if you died 18 years after the plan started then payments would only be made for the remaining 2 years.

This type of policy is known as decreasing term life insurance because the total payout reduces as time passes. Therefore, income benefit insurance for families is often cheaper than other policy types.

Who requires family income benefit?

These policies are most suited to those with young families. If you have young children, your main concern might be making sure that they are supported while they are growing up. With family income benefit, you can choose to have your cover last until your children are adults and able to support themselves. This works out as a cost-effective way of ensuring your young family’s security while they are growing.

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