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Group Health Insurance

Group health insurance can be a great benefit to offer to your employees and it needn’t break the bank if you pick the right plan. If you’re thinking of getting this type of insurance for a small business but want to know more about what’s the right cover for you, then read on.

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What is group health insurance?

Simply put, a group health insurance policy is one health insurance policy that covers many people. Group health plans cover medical expenses that you or your employees might not qualify for on the NHS, giving your employees the comfort of knowing that they’ll be taken care of. Plus, most policies will usually offer the added benefits of top-of-the-range facilities and equipment as well as offer shorter waiting times and quicker diagnoses than the NHS.

Why get group health insurance?

There are many group health insurance benefits for both yourself as an employer and your employees as participants in the plan. As an employer, you can stay ahead of your competitors as an employer by offering benefits that others might not, so that you can hire – and, more importantly, keep – the best employees. A further benefit for you is that your employees will have quick access to appointments and shorter waiting times, meaning that they will need less time out of work to address health issues.

Your employees will benefit from the advantages of private health care by being on the group health insurance plan such as top-of-the-range facilities and equipment, 24-hour access to experienced GPs and quick access to appointments. Some group health plans even offer some cover for your employees’ dependents so that their whole family will receive the best health care available.

How much is group health insurance for a small business?

Group health plans for a small business are usually mostly funded by the employer but also part-funded by each employee who partakes in the plan. This means that this type of cover doesn’t need to break the bank for the employer and employee’s get a good deal. Group health plans usually work out cheaper per person than the like-for-like individual plans so they are a wise investment.

Quotes vary depending on how many individuals you want to include and what degree of cover you require so it’s usually a good idea to get a bespoke quote based on your individual needs. Our team is happy to discuss this with you so get in touch to get a commitment-free group health insurance quote today.

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