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Tradesman Insurance

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What is tradesman insurance?

Tradesman or tradesperson insurance is one handy policy that includes a variety of insurance policies that you might need when working as a tradesman. It means that all of your insurance needs are taken care of with minimal hassle, and it’s easy to make a claim if you ever need to.

What does tradesman insurance cover?

Public liability insurance is usually very important cover for tradesmen to have as it protects you and your business against any lawsuits that could be brought against you if someone is injured or property damaged as a result of your business. Professional indemnity is also a vital consideration as it covers you for legal costs in case you are sued for failure to deliver an adequate service, or if you make a mistake that costs a client money. If you hire any employees, you are also legally required to have employer’s liability insurance, even if you only employ freelancers or volunteers.

As a result, most tradesman insurance policies will include these three types of cover, but there are other insurance types that can be added, if they are appropriate to your business. The following policies are popular with many tradesmen:

  • Equipment insurance: covers your tools and equipment against damage, theft and destruction
  • Stock insurance: if you sell items as part of your business, protect any unsold stock in the event of a theft, flood or fire
  • Business building cover: protect your work premises against fire, flood or other structural damage
  • Personal accident cover: if you are seriously injured and unable to work, personal accident insurance may help to cover your medical bills, hospitalization costs and loss of income

Tailored tradesman insurance policy

If you work as a builder, carpenter, electrician, plumber or another specialist type of trade, we can help you find a tailored tradesman insurance policy for your exact trade. These specialist policies will have already considered the risks you and your business may face in your trade and will point you in the direction of the most appropriate policies to include.

Tradesman van insurance

If you work as a mobile tradesman, you will need the right insurance for your vehicle. You will need to have separate van insurance to protect against accidents and theft of the vehicle, but you can add specialist policies to your tradesman insurance to cover tools, equipment or stock left in a van.

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As the director of a start-up marketing agency, I’m too busy to spend a lot of time researching all of the insurance policies we need, let alone finding time to search for the best cover. When I spoke with Gareth, he was incredibly helpful. He explained to me exactly what I need and then found the best policies for the business, its directors and employees. Now I know that the business and its assets are protected, whatever happens. I would highly recommend Gareth, Darren and the rest of his team.

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