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Dog Walking Insurance

Avoid being bitten by an unexpected crisis by protecting yourself with the right insurance.

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Tailored insurance for dog walking

Whether you run a dog walking business or work alone as a freelance dog walker, insurance is a vital thing to consider. While most dogs are lovely and make great companions, they can be unpredictable and anything that is unpredictable comes with risk. For example, if a dog you are in control of were to bite someone and injure them, the third party could bring legal action against you, even if the bite is simply an act of play. This means that for many dog walking businesses, public liability insurance is a must. This will protect you against any such lawsuit if someone were to become injured or property damaged as a result of your business.

You may also like to consider adding equipment insurance if your business relies on crucial equipment such as dog grooming equipment, specialist cages or kennels, or even simply an IT system.

Know the law

It’s also important to remember that if you employ anyone, you must have employer’s liability insurance. This law still applies even if you work from your own home and if you employ a friend on a casual or freelance basis, so make sure that you are meeting the requirements of the law. Employer’s liability insurance protects you and your employees if they are injured on your premises or as a result of working for you.

Dog walking and pet sitting insurance

If you cover more than just dog walking as part of your business then make sure to disclose this when applying for dog walking business insurance, otherwise you may not be fully covered for all work activities such as pet sitting, dog grooming or kennel services.

Dog walking insurance quotes

Dog walking business insurance quotes will vary depending on the service you offer, the size of your business and the level of cover you need. Luckily, our friendly team of insurance experts are on hand to help you make sure you’re not barking up the wrong tree. Fill in the form below or call us directly on 03333 440 129 to get in touch today.


Working alongside One-Direct is a real joy. They are very helpful to us at Care after Combat in providing insurance solutions and advice that meet our needs. As a charity, we find their products reliable and more importantly they deliver… they do what is says on the tin!

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