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Public sector insurance

When you work in the public sector, it’s important to consider and anticipate risks and issues associated with providing services to the public.

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What is public sector insurance?

Public sector insurance provides cover for businesses and organisations that serve the public such as police and fire services and educational and health facilities. Public sector organisations are vulnerable to a wide variety of risks and must take steps to protect themselves and the public from these risks.

Public sector risk management provides expert advice on what companies and organisations can do to protect themselves against these risks by offering bespoke insurance policies for unique and risky situations associated within the public sector. For instance, a police service’s public sector insurance company might write up a specific policy for employees safety in situations where lethal weapons may be involved. These kinds of situations are not usually covered by standard liability policies and so more specialist, bespoke insurance policies are necessary to ensure safety and legal cover for all parties. This is an extreme example but there are many instances involved in serving the public that will require unique liability policies and this is why your organisation may need to consider public sector insurance.

What does public sector insurance cover?

What is covered varies hugely from policy to policy depending on your unique needs but policies often include things such as specialist liability insurance clauses,

What industries can benefit from public sector insurance?

Insurance for the public sector can be beneficial to a wide variety of services and providers from educational facilities such as universities and colleges to local government services and even registered social landlords.

Public sector health insurance

Some public sector organisations may also like to offer their employees a health insurance plan as a benefit. However, some standard health insurance plans may not cover all accidents and/or illnesses that could be caused by working in the public sector role, such as a firefighter suffering from smoke inhalation. Therefore, some companies and organisations may choose to invest in a more specialist health plan in the form of public sector health insurance. This can be purchased separately or as part of a larger public sector insurance plan.

Get a public sector insurance quote

Public sector insurance policies are usually created bespoke to the individual company or organisation requiring cover. Call our insurance experts today to discuss your public sector organisation and what cover you might need to invest in to protect both your companies and your employees.


Working alongside One-Direct is a real joy. They are very helpful to us at Care after Combat in providing insurance solutions and advice that meet our needs. As a charity, we find their products reliable and more importantly they deliver… they do what is says on the tin!

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